Contractual risk management services are integral to our support of client partners when they engage with commercial, operational and financial stakeholders.  We review the insurance related issues arising from liability, indemnity, hold-harmless, consequential loss, insurance compliance and other similar provisions.  Our advice is focused on ensuring that client partners do not assume contractual risks which extend beyond their insurance coverage, and to recommend alternative approaches to overcome risks which are uninsured.  The legal qualifications and experience of our team underpins these services.



We advocate client partners participating in risk profiling exercises to firstly identify the full range of potential exposures to their businesses, and to then evaluate which of those exposures are capable of alternative mitigation strategies including insurance.  Our experience is that client partners who have a detailed understanding of their risk profile are more favourably positioned to present themselves to the insurance market.  Key focus areas for profiling and evaluation include:

  • Business Interruption.

  • Property Asset Valuations.

  • Property Risk Engineering.

  • Workplace Injury.



The successful management and resolution of claims is paramount to the placement of appropriate insurance.  The legal qualifications and litigation experience of our team ensures that claims services are delivered pro-actively, are clearly communicated with all key stakeholders and always with the objective of achieving the best outcomes for our client partners.  The scope of our claims services extends to include:

  • Advising client partners on the engagement of appropriate legal representatives, third party loss adjusters and experts, and at all times being cognisant of the need to preserve a claim of legal professional privilege over relevant documentation and information.

  • Assessing claims reports and advices produced by legal representatives, loss adjusters and insurers, and then advising client partners on recommended courses of action.

  • Reporting to client partners on all claim developments.

  • Recommending strategies to mitigate the potential impact of claims on future insurance premium costs.



We can source competitive insurance premium funding quotations for those client partners who wish to make payment by way of instalments. 



We assist prospective client partners by completing an independent audit of their insurance and risk management program. The scope of an audit typically extends to include a review of current insurance policies, key stakeholder contracts and business operations.


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