Mavco Insurance Group is a member of Steadfast Group Limited (‘Steadfast Group’) (ASX: SDF), the largest general insurance broking network in Australasia.  The Steadfast Group collectively placed AUD6.1B of insurance premiums into the market for FY2019.  This scale of insurance placement provides Mavco Insurance Group with significant commercial leverage to secure
competitive premium and coverage terms on behalf of our clients. 

The Steadfast Group expanded its global presence beyond Australasia by acquiring an equity stake in unisonBrokers, which has since been renamed unisonSteadfast.  The expanded global network comprises some 200 general insurance broking companies operating
in over 130 countries, collectively placing USD20B in gross written premium into global underwriting markets.

In addition to our relationship with the Steadfast Group, Mavco has access to international underwriting markets through
long-established partnerships with multi-national broking companies principally headquartered in Singapore, the United Kingdom
and the United States of America.  This ensures that our clients have broad market access and the ability to comply with any jurisdictionally required insurance obligations.


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